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In Bible versions:

Symbolic name referring to wayward Jerusalem (Judah)


Strongs #0172: hbylha 'Oholiybah (similarly with 0170) for hbylha 'Oholiybahh

Aholibah = "woman of the tent" or "the tent is in her"

1) (metaph) Jerusalem as adulterous wife of Jehovah

172 'Oholiybah o''-hol-ee-baw'

(similarly with 170) for hOholiybahh {o''-hol-e-baw'}; from
168; my tent (is) in her; Oholibah, a symbolic name for
see HEBREW for 0170
see HEBREW for 0168

Oholibah [NAVE]

See: Aholibah.


OHOLIBAH - o-hol'-i-ba, o-ho'-li-ba ('oholibhah, "tent in her," or "my tent is in her"): An opprobrious and symbolical name given by Ezekiel to Jerusalem, representing the kingdom of Judah, because of her intrigues and base alliances with Egypt, Assyria and Babylonia, just as the name OHOLAH (which see) was given to Samaria or the Northern Kingdom, because of her alliances with Egypt and Assyria. There is a play upon the words in the Hebrew which cannot be reproduced in English Both Oholah and Oholibah, or Samaria and Jerusalem, are the daughters of one mother, and wives of Yahweh, and both are guilty of religious and political alliance with heathen nations. Idolatry is constantly compared by the Hebrew prophets to marital unfaithfulness or adultery.

W. W. Davies

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