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HEBREW: 5654 Mwda dbe `Obed 'Edowm
NAVE: Obed-edom
EBD: Obed-Edom
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In Bible versions:

Obed-edom: NRSV NASB
a man to whom King David gave charge of the ark
a Levite worship leader and porter for the ark in David's time
a man of Gath in whose care David left the ark
a man taken away with the treasures of the temple

servant of Edom


Strongs #05654: Mwda dbe `Obed 'Edowm

Obed-edom = "servant of Edom"

1) a Levite and a Gittite who kept the ark after Uzzah was slain by
God for touching the ark while it was being taken to Jerusalem
2) a Merarite Levite and a singer and gatekeeper
2a) the family descended from him

5654 `Obed 'Edowm o-bade' ed-ome'

from the active participle of 5647 and 123; worker of Edom;
Obed-Edom, the name of five Israelites: -Obed-edom.
see HEBREW for 05647
see HEBREW for 0123

Obed-Edom [EBD]

servant of Edom. (1.) "The Gittite" (probably so called because he was a native of Gath-rimmon), a Levite of the family of the Korhites (1 Chr. 26:1, 4-8), to whom was specially intrusted the custody of the ark (1 Chr. 15:18). When David was bringing up the ark "from the house of Abinadab, that was in Gibeah" (probably some hill or eminence near Kirjath-jearim), and had reached Nachon's threshing-floor, he became afraid because of the "breach upon Uzzah," and carried it aside into the house of Obededom (2 Sam. 6:1-12). There it remained for six months, and was to him and his house the occasion of great blessing. David then removed it with great rejoicing to Jerusalem, and set it in the midst of the tabernacle he had pitched for it.

(2.) A Merarite Levite, a temple porter, who with his eight sons guarded the southern gate (1 Chr. 15:18, 21; 26:4, 8, 15).

(3.) One who had charge of the temple treasures (2 Chr. 25:24).

Obed-edom [NAVE]

1. Korhite Levite. Doorkeeper of the ark, 1 Chr. 15:18, 24; 26:4-8.
David leaves ark with, 2 Sam. 6:10; 1 Chr. 13:13, 14.
Ark removed from, 2 Sam. 6:12; 1 Chr. 15:25.
Appointed to sound with harps, 1 Chr. 15:21.
Appointed to minister before the ark, 1 Chr. 16:4, 5, 37, 38.
2. A doorkeeper of the temple, 1 Chr. 16:38.
3. A conservator of the vessels of the temple in time of Amaziah, 2 Chr. 25:24.


OBED-EDOM - o'-bed-e'-dom (`obhedh 'edhowm (2 Ch 25:24), `obhedd 'edhom (2 Sam 6:10; 1 Ch 13:13,14; 15:25), but elsewhere without hyphen, "servant of (god) Edom"; so W. R. Smith, Religion of Semites (2), 42, and H. P. Smith, Samuel, 294 f, though others explain it as = "servant of man"): In 2 Sam 6:10,11,12; 1 Ch 13:13,14 a Philistine of Gath and servant of David, who received the Ark of Yahweh into his house when David brought it into Jerusalem from Kiriath-jearim. Because of the sudden death of Uzzah, David was unwilling to proceed with the Ark to his citadel, and it remained three months in the house of Obed-edom, "and Yahweh blessed Obed-edom, and all his house" (2 Sam 6:11). According to 1 Ch 13:14 the Ark had a special "house" of its own while there. He is probably the same as the Levite of 1 Ch 15:25. In 1 Ch 15:16-21 Obed-edom is a "singer," and in 1 Ch 15:24 a "doorkeeper," while according to 1 Ch 26:4-8,15 he is a Korahite doorkeeper, to whose house fell the overseership of the storehouse (26:15), while 1 Ch 16:5,38 names him as a "minister before the ark," a member of the house or perhaps guild of Jeduthun (see 2 Ch 25:24).

Obed-edom is an illustration of the service rendered to Hebrew religion by foreigners, reminding one of the Simon of Cyrene who bore the cross of Jesus (Mt 27:32, etc.). The Chronicler naturally desired to think that only Levites could discharge such duties as Obed-edom performed, and hence, the references to him as a Levite.

David Francis Roberts.

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