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NAVE: Nophah
EBD: Nophah
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fearful; binding
Google Maps: Nophah (32° 45´, 36° 36´)

Nophah [EBD]

blast, a city of Moab which was occupied by the Amorites (Num. 21:30).

Nophah [NAVE]

NOPHAH, a city of Sihon, Num. 21:30.


NOPHAH - no'-fa (nophach; the Septuagint does not transliterate): A city mentioned only in Nu 21:30 (see NOBAH). Septuagint reads: kai hai gunaikes eti prosexekausan pur epi Moab, "and the women besides (yet) kindled a fire at (against) Moab." The text has evidently suffered corruption.

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