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HEBREW: 5025 xbn Nobach
NAVE: Nobah
EBD: Nobah
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In Bible versions:

a man of Manasseh, presumably
a town of Gilead near Jogbehah south of the Jabbok (OS, ZD)

that barks or yelps
Google Maps: Nobah (32° 45´, 36° 36´)


Strongs #05025: xbn Nobach

Nobah = "barking"

n pr m
1) a warrior of Manasseh who during the conquest of the territory on
the east of the Jordan possessed himself of the town of Kenath and
surrounding villages

n pr loc
2) a place in Gilead which comprised the towns of Kenath and its
surrounding villages captured by 1 above and renamed after himself;
area eventually regained its original identity

5025 Nobach no'-bach

from 5024; a bark; Nobach, the name of an Israelite, and of a
place East of the Jordan:-Nobah.
see HEBREW for 05024

Nobah [EBD]

howling. (1.) Num. 32:42.

(2.) The name given to Kenath (q.v.) by Nobah when he conquered it. It was on the east of Gilead (Judg. 8:11).

Nobah [NAVE]

NOBAH, an Israelite, Num. 32:42.


(barking), an Israelite warrior, (Numbers 32:42) who during the conquest of the territory on the east of Jordan possessed himself of the town of Kenath and the villages or hamlets dependent upon it, and gave them his own name. (B.C.1450.) For a certain period after the establishment of the Israelite rule the new name remained, (Judges 8:11) but it is not again heard of, and the original appellation, as is usual in such cases, appears to have recovered its hold, has since retained; for in the slightly-modified form of Kunawat it is the name of the place to the present day.


NOBAH - no'-ba (nobhah; Codex Vaticanus Naboth, Nabai; Codex Alexandrinus Naboth, Nabeth):

(1) Nobah the Manassite, we are told, "went and took Kenath, and the villages thereof, and called it Nobah, after his own name" (Nu 32:42). There can be little doubt that the ancient Kenath is represented by the modern Qanawat, on the western slope of Jebel ed-Druze, the ancient name having survived that of Nobah.

(2) A city which marked-the course of Gideon's pursuit of the Midianites (Jdg 8:11). It is possible that this may be identical with (1). Cheyne argues in favor of this (Encyclopaedia Biblica, under the word "Gideon"). But its mention along with Jogbehah points to a more southerly location. This may have been the original home of the clan Nobah. Some would read, following the Syriac in Nu 21:30, "Nobah which is on the desert," instead of "Nophah which reacheth unto Medeba." No site with a name resembling this has yet been recovered. If it is to be distinguished from Kenath, then probably it will have to be sought somewhere to the Northeast of Rabbath-Ammon (`Amman).

W. Ewing

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