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NAVE: Necklace
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Necklace [NAVE]

NECKLACE, tablets, Ex. 35:22; Num. 31:50.


NECKLACE - nek'-las (rabhidh, "chain"): A neck-chain ornament, worn either separately (Ezek 16:11), or with pendants (Isa 3:19), such as crescents (Isa 3:18) or rings (Gen 38:25); sometimes made of gold (Gen 41:42; Dan 5:29), or of strings of jewels (Song 1:10). Even beasts of burden were sometimes so adorned by royalty (Jdg 8:26). It was considered suggestive of pride (Ps 73:6) or of filial loyalty (Prov 1:9). The word does not occur in the King James Version, but such adornments have always been popular in all the Bible lands.

Also see definition of "Necklace" in Word Study

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