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HEBREW: 5160 laylxn Nachaliy'el
NAVE: Nahaliel
EBD: Nahaliel
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In Bible versions:

a place where Israel encamped

inheritance; valley of God
Google Maps: Nahaliel (31° 43´, 35° 35´)


Strongs #05160: laylxn Nachaliy'el

Nahaliel = "torrents of God"

1) a station of Israel in the wilderness; located north of the Arnon

5160 Nachaliy'el nakh-al-ee-ale'

from 5158 and 410; valley of God; Nachaliel, a place in the
see HEBREW for 05158
see HEBREW for 0410

Nahaliel [EBD]

possession, or valley of God, one of the encampments of the Israelites in the wilderness (Num. 21:19), on the confines of Moab. This is identified with the ravine of the Zerka M'ain, the ancient Callirhoe, the hot springs on the east of the Jordan, not far from the Dead Sea.

Nahaliel [NAVE]

NAHALIEL, a station of the Israelites, Num. 21:19.


(torrents of God), one of the halting-places of Israel in the latter part of their progress to Canaan. (Numbers 21:19) It lay "beyond," that is, north of, the Amen, ver. (Numbers 21:13) and between Mattanah and Bamoth, the next after Bamoth being Pisgah.


NAHALIEL - na-ha'-li-el, na-hal'-i-el (nachali'el, "torrent valley of God"; Codex Vaticanus Manael; Codex Alexandrinus Naaliel): A place where Israel encamped on the way from Arnon to Jericho, named with Mattanah and Bamoth (Nu 21:19). Eusebius, Onomasticon places it near to the Arnon. It is natural to seek for this "torrent valley" in one of the tributaries of the Arnon. It may be Wady Waleh, which drains a wide area to the Northeast of the Arnon; or perhaps Wady Zerqa Ma`in farther to the North.

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