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MURMUR; MURMURINGS - mur'-mur, mur'-mur-ingz: The Hebrew word (lun) denotes the semi-articulated mutterings of disaffected persons. It is used in connection with the complaints of the Israelites in the desert against Yahweh on the one hand, and against Moses and Aaron on the other hand (Ex 16:7,8; Nu 14:27,36; 16:11; 17:5). In three places (Dt 1:27; Ps 106:25; Isa 29:24), "murmur" translates a Hebrew word (raghan) which suggests the malicious whispering of slander.

In the New Testament "murmur" renders two different words, namely, gogguzo, and embrimaomai. The latter word suggests indignation and fault-finding (Mk 14:4 the King James Version). The former word (or a compound of it) is generally used in connection with the complainings of the Pharisees and scribes (Mt 20:11; Lk 5:30; 15:2; 19:7).

T. Lewis

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