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HEBREW: 4182 tg tvrwm Mowresheth Gath
NAVE: Moresheth Gath
EBD: Moresheth-gath
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Moresheth Gath

In Bible versions:

Moresheth Gath: NET NIV
Moresheth-Gath: AVS TEV
Moresheth-gath: NRSV NASB
a town near Gath in Judah
Google Maps: Moresheth-gath (31° 36´, 34° 54´)


Strongs #04182: tg tvrwm Mowresheth Gath

Moresheth-gath = "possession of Gath"

1) a place apparently in the neighbourhood of Gath and probably the
home of the prophet Micah

4182 Mowresheth Gath mo-reh'-sheth gath

from 3423 and 1661; possession of Gath; Moresheth-Gath, a
place in Palestine:-Moresheth-gath.
see HEBREW for 03423
see HEBREW for 01661

Moresheth-gath [EBD]

possession of the wine-press, the birthplace of the prophet Micah (1:14), who is called the "Morasthite" (Jer. 26:18). This place was probably a suburb of Gath.

Moresheth Gath [NAVE]

See: Moresheth.


MORESHETH-GATH - mo'-resh-eth-gath, mo-resh'-eth-gath (moresheth gath, "inheritance or possession of Gath"; Septuagint kleronomias Geth): A place mentioned only in Mic 1:14. It must have been in the vicinity of Gath as the meaning of the name would indicate, and was the home of the prophet Micah (Mic 1:1; Jer 26:18). It was probably in the vicinity of Mareshah (Mic 1:15). Jerome, in his preface to his work on Micah, places it a little to the East of Eleutheropolis (Beit Jibrin), and it would be natural to find it there if the latter place was Gath as some think. Robinson (BR, II, 68) found ruins of a village between one and two miles East of Beit Jibrin. It must have been among the foot-hills of Judah between the hill country and the Philistine plain on the route from Jerusalem to Lachish, Gaza and Egypt. Mareshah was certainly in that region, and the prophecy of Micah mentions towns and villages in the Shephelah and the Philistine country as though they were familiar to him (see HGHL and G. A. Smith, "Micah," in his Minor Prophets).

H. Porter

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