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HEBREW: 4511 tynm Minniyth
EBD: Minnith
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In Bible versions:

a town of Ammon which gives its name to a kind of grain (OS)

reckoned; prepared ( --> same as Minni)
Google Maps: Minnith (31° 45´, 35° 50´)


Strongs #04511: tynm Minniyth

Minnith = "distribution"

1) a place east of the Jordan in Ammonite territory; site unknown

4511 Minniyth min-neeth'

from the same as 4482; enumeration; Minnith, a place East of
the Jordan:-Minnith.
see HEBREW for 04482

Minnith [EBD]

distribution, an Ammonitish town (Judg. 11:33) from which wheat was exported to Tyre (Ezek. 27:17). It was probably somewhere in the Mishor or table-land on the east of Jordan. There is a gentle valley running for about 4 miles east of Dhiban called Kurm Dhiban, "the vineyards of Dibon." Tristram supposes that this may be the "vineyards" mentioned in Judg. (l.c.).


(distribution), a place on the east of the Jordan, named as the point to which Jephthah?s slaughter of the Ammonites extended. (Judges 11:33) The "wheat of Minnith" is mentioned in (Ezekiel 27:17) as being supplied by Judah and Israel to Tyre; but there is nothing to indicate that the same place is intended, and indeed the word is believed by some not to be a proper name.


MINNITH - min'-ith (minnith; Codex Vaticanus achris Arnon; Codex Alexandrinus eis Semoeith): After Jephthah defeated the Ammonites, he is said to have smitten them from Aroer "until thou come to Minnith" (Jdg 11:33). Eusebius, Onomasticon mentions a place called Maanith, 4 Roman miles from Heshbon, on the road to Philadelphia (`Amman), and locates Abelcheramim, which is mentioned with Minnith, 7 miles from Philadelphia, without indicating the direction. Some travelers have spoken of a Menjah, 7 miles East of Heshbon, but of this place Tristram (Land of Moab, 140) could find no trace. The same place appears to be mentioned in Ezek 27:17 as supplying wheat, which figures in the trade between Judah and Tyre. There are really no reliable data on which to suggest an identification, while there are grave reasons to suspect the integrity of the text.

W. Ewing

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