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HEBREW: 4081 Nydm Middiyn
NAVE: Middin
EBD: Middin
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In Bible versions:

a town in the desert of Judah

judgment; striving
Google Maps: Middin (31° 44´, 35° 24´)


Strongs #04081: Nydm Middiyn

Middin = "measures"

1) one of the 6 cities of Judah located in the wilderness

4081 Middiyn mid-deen'

a variation for 4080:-Middin.
see HEBREW for 04080

Middin [EBD]

measures, one of the six cities "in the wilderness," on the west of the Dead Sea, mentioned along with En-gedi (Josh. 15:61).

Middin [NAVE]

MIDDIN, a city of Judah, Josh. 15:61.


(measures), a city of Judah, (Joshua 15:61) one of the six specified as situated in the district of "the midbar" (Authorized Version "wilderness").


MIDDIN - mid'-in (middin; in GB, Ainon, "springs"): One of the six cities in the wilderness of Judah (Josh 15:61). There are not many possible sites. The Hebrew name may possibly survive in Khirbet Mird, a very conspicuous site with many ancient cisterns overlooking the plateau el Bukea`, above which it towers to a height of 1,000 ft.; it is the Mons Mardes of early Christian pilgrims; the existing remains are Byzantine. It is a site of great natural strength and was clearly once a place of some importance. The Greek reading Ainon, "place of springs," suggests the neighborhood of the extensive oasis of `Ain Feshkhah at the northwest corner of the Dead Sea where there are at Kh. Kumram remains of buildings and a rock-cut aqueduct. See PEF, III, 210, 212, Sh XVIII.

E. W. G. Masterman

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