Also see definition of "Mete" in Word Study
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METE - met (madhadh): "To measure," either with a utensil of dry measure, as in Ex 16:18, or to measure with a line or measure of length, as in Ps 60:6; 108:7; Isa 40:12. In Isa 18:2,7 it is the rendering of qaw qaw, literally, "line-line" i.e. measuring line, referring to the Ethiopians as a nation that measured off other peoples for destruction and trod them down, as in the Revised Version (British and American). It is regarded by some as signifying strength, being cognate with the Arabic kawi, "strong." For mete of Mt 7:2 and parallel passages in Mk 4:24; Lk 6:38, see MEASURE.

H. Porter

Also see definition of "Mete" in Word Study

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