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Merchant [EBD]

The Hebrew word so rendered is from a root meaning "to travel about," "to migrate," and hence "a traveller." In the East, in ancient times, merchants travelled about with their merchandise from place to place (Gen. 37:25; Job 6:18), and carried on their trade mainly by bartering (Gen. 37:28; 39:1). After the Hebrews became settled in Palestine they began to engage in commercial pursuits, which gradually expanded (49:13; Deut. 33:18; Judg. 5:17), till in the time of Solomon they are found in the chief marts of the world (1 Kings 9:26; 10:11, 26, 28; 22:48; 2 Chr. 1:16; 9:10, 21). After Solomon's time their trade with foreign nations began to decline. After the Exile it again expanded into wider foreign relations, because now the Jews were scattered in many lands.

Merchant [NAVE]

Gen. 23:16; 37:28; 1 Kin. 10:15, 28; 2 Chr. 9:14; Neh. 3:32; 13:20; Job 41:6; Song 3:6; Isa. 23:2; 47:15; Ezek. 17:4; 27:13, 17, 21-36; 38:13; Hos. 12:7; Nah. 3:16; Matt. 13:45; Rev. 18:3, 11, 23.
See: Commerce.


MERCHANT; MERCHANTMAN - mur'-chant, mur'-chant-man.


Also see definition of "Merchant" in Word Study

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