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In Bible versions:

Mepha-Ath: AVS TEV
a town of Reuben given to the Merarites

appearance, or force, of waters
Google Maps: Mephaath (31° 51´, 35° 56´)


Strongs #04158: tepwm Mowpha`ath (\\#Jer 48:21\\) or tepym meyphaath or tepm mephaath

Mephaath = "splendour" or "height"

1) a city of Reuben allotted to the Merarite Levites lying in the
district of the Mishor; site uncertain
2) a city in Moab

4158 Mowpha`ath mo-fah'-ath

(Jer. 48:21 or meyphaath {may-fah'-ath}; or mephaath
{may-fah'-ath; from 3313; illuminative; Mophaath or Mephaath,
a place in Palestine:-Mephaath.
see HEBREW for 03313

Mephaath [EBD]

splendour, a Levitical city (Josh. 21:37) of the tribe of Reuben (13:18).

Mephaath [NAVE]

MEPHAATH, a Levitical city in Reuben, Josh. 13:18; 21:37; 1 Chr. 6:79; Jer. 48:21.


(splendor height), city of the Reubenites, one of the towns independently an Heshhon, (Joshua 13:18) lying in the district of the Mishor comp. ver. (Joshua 13:17) and Jere 48:21 Authorized Version "plain," which probably answered to the modern Belka . It was one of the cities allotted with their suburbs to the Merarite Levites. (Joshua 21:37; 1 Chronicles 6:79) Its site is uncertain.


MEPHAATH - mef'-a-ath, me-fa'-ath (mepha`ath and meypha`ath, mopha`ath; Codex Vaticanus, Maiphaath, Mephaath): A city of the Amorites in the territory allotted to Reuben, named with Kedemoth and Kiriathaim (Josh 13:18), and given to the Merarite Levites (Josh 21:37; 1 Ch 6:79). It appears again as a Moabite town in Jer 48:21. It was known to Eusebius and Jerome (Onom) as occupied by a Roman garrison, but the site has been lost.

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