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HEBREW: 4314 bhz ym Mey Zahab
NAVE: Mezahab
EBD: Mezahab
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In Bible versions:

Me-Zahab: NET NIV
Me-zahab: NRSV
a man who was a patriarch of a royal clan of Edom



Strongs #04314: bhz ym Mey Zahab

Mezahab = "waters of gold"

1) father of Matred and grandfather of Mehetabel, the wife of Hadad,
the last named king of Edom

4314 Mey Zahab may zaw-hawb'

from 4325 and 2091, water of gold; Me-Zahab, an
see HEBREW for 04325
see HEBREW for 02091

Mezahab [EBD]

water of gold, the father of Matred (Gen. 36:39; 1 Chr. 1:50), and grandfather of Mehetabel, wife of Hadar, the last king of Edom.

Mezahab [NAVE]

MEZAHAB, grandfather of Mehetabel, Gen. 36:39; 1 Chr. 1:50.


(waters of gold), the father of Matred and grandfather of Mehetabel, who was wife of Hadar or Hadad, the last-named king of Edom. (Genesis 36:39; 1 Chronicles 1:50)


ME-ZAHAB - mez'-a-hab, me-za'-hab (me zahabh, "waters of gold"; Codex Vaticanus Maizoob, Codex Alexandrinus, Mezoob): Grandfather of Mehetabel, the wife of Hadar, the last-mentioned "duke" of Edom descended from Esau (Gen 36:39). The Jewish commentators made much play with this name. Abarbanel, e.g., says he was "rich and great, so that on this account he was called Mezahab, for the gold was in his house as water." The name, however, may denote a place, in which case it may be identical with Dizahab.

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