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HEBREW: 4957 hqrsm Masreqah
NAVE: Masrekah
EBD: Masrekah
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In Bible versions:

a town and royal city of Edom

whistling; hissing
Google Maps: Masrekah (30° 44´, 35° 36´)


Strongs #04957: hqrsm Masreqah

Masrekah = "vineyard of noble vines"

1) an ancient place, the native spot of Samlah, one of the old kings
of the Edomites

4957 Masreqah mas-ray-kaw'

a form for 7796 used denominatively; vineyard; Masrekah, a
place in Idumaea:-Masrekah.
see HEBREW for 07796

Masrekah [EBD]

vineyard of noble vines, a place in Idumea, the native place of Samlah, one of the Edomitish kings (Gen. 36:36; 1 Chr. 1:47).

Masrekah [NAVE]

MASREKAH, a place in Edom, Gen. 36:36; 1 Chr. 1:47.


MASREKAH - mas'-re-ka, mas-re'-ka (masreqah; Masekka): A place mentioned in the list of ancient rulers of Edom (Gen 36:31), "before there reigned any king over the children of Israel." Masrekah was the royal city of Samlah, son of Hadad (Gen 36:36; 1 Ch 1:47). The name may mean "place of choice vines," but there is nothing to show in what locality it must be sought.

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