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HEBREW: 4851 vm Mash
NAVE: Mash
EBD: Mash
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In Bible versions:

son of Aram; (grand)son of Shem son of Noah

who is drawn by force ( --> same as Meshech)


Strongs #04851: vm Mash

Mash = "drawn out"

1) one of the sons of Aram; also 'Meshech'

4851 Mash mash

of foreign derivation; Mash, a son of Aram, and the people
descended from him:-Mash.

Mash [EBD]

(= Meshech 1 Chr. 1:17), one of the four sons of Aram, and the name of a tribe descended from him (Gen. 10:23) inhabiting some part probably of Mesopotamia. Some have supposed that they were the inhabitants of Mount Masius, the present Karja Baghlar, which forms part of the chain of Taurus.

Mash [NAVE]

MASH, son of Aram, Gen. 10:23.


(drawn out), one of the sons of Aram. (Genesis 10:23) In (1 Chronicles 1:17) the name appears as Meshech. The name Mash is probably represented by the Mons Masius of classical writers, a range which forms the northern boundary of Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates.


MASH - (mash): Named in Gen 10:23 as one of the sons of Aramaic In the parallel passage in 1 Ch 1:17 the name is given as "Meshech" (meshekh), and the Septuagint (Mosoch) supports this form in both passages. "Meshech," however, is a Japhetic name (Gen 10:2), and "Mash" would seem to be the original reading. It is probably to be identified with the Mons Masius of classical writers (Strabo, etc.), on the northern boundary of Mesopotamia.

Also see definition of "Mash" in Word Study

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