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HEBREW: 4353 rykm Makiyr 4354 yrykm Makiyriy
NAVE: Machir Machirites Makir
EBD: Machir
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In Bible versions:

Makir: NET NIV
Makirite: NIV
son of Manasseh (Joseph); father of Hezron's wife and of Gilead
son of Ammiel at Lo-Debar; Mephibosheth's friend
members of the clan of Machir of Manasseh

selling; knowing


Strongs #04353: rykm Makiyr

Machir = "sold"

1) eldest son of Manasseh by an Aramite or Syrian concubine and progenitor
of a large family
2) son of Ammiel, a powerful chief of one of the Transjordanic tribes
who rendered essential services to Saul and to David

4353 Makiyr maw-keer'

from 4376; salesman; Makir, an Israelite:-Machir.
see HEBREW for 04376

Strongs #04354: yrykm Makiyriy

Machirites = "a salesman"

1) the descendants of Machir the father of Gilead

4354 Makiyriy maw-kee-ree'

patronymical from 4353; a Makirite or descend. of Makir:-of
see HEBREW for 04353

Machir [EBD]

sold. (1.) Manasseh's oldest son (Josh. 17:1), or probably his only son (see 1 Chr. 7:14, 15; comp. Num. 26:29-33; Josh. 13:31). His descendants are referred to under the name of Machirites, being the offspring of Gilead (Num. 26:29). They settled in land taken from the Amorites (Num. 32:39, 40; Deut. 3:15) by a special enactment (Num. 36:1-3; Josh. 17:3, 4). He is once mentioned as the representative of the tribe of Manasseh east of Jordan (Judg. 5:14).

(2.) A descendant of the preceding, residing at Lo-debar, where he maintained Jonathan's son Mephibosheth till he was taken under the care of David (2 Sam. 9:4), and where he afterwards gave shelter to David himself when he was a fugitive (17:27).

Machir [NAVE]

1. One of the sons of Manasseh, Gen. 50:23.
Father of the Machirites, Num. 26:29; 36:1.
The land of Gilead allotted to, Num. 32:39, 40; Deut. 3:15; Josh. 13:31.
Certain cities of Bashan given to, Josh. 13:31; 17:1.
2. A man of Lo-debar who took care of Jonathan's lame son, Mephibosheth, 2 Sam. 9:4, 5; 17:27.

Machirites [NAVE]

See: Machir.

Makir [NAVE]

See: Machir.


  1. The eldest son, (Joshua 17:1) of the patriarch Manasseh by an Aramite or Syrian concubine. (1 Chronicles 7:14) At the time of the conquest the family of Machir had become very powerful, and a large part of the country on the east of Jordan was subdued by them. (Numbers 32:39; 3:15)
  2. The son of Ammiel, a powerful sheikh of one of the transjordanic tribes, who rendered essential service to the cause of Saul and of David successively. (2 Samuel 9:4,5; 17:27-29)


MACHIR; MACHIRITE - ma'-kir (makhir; Macheir), ma'-kir-it:

(1) The eldest son of Manasseh (Gen 50:23). In Nu 26:29 it is recorded that Machir begat Gilead, but another narrative informs us that the children of Machir "went to Gilead, and took it, and dispossessed the Amorites that were therein. And Moses gave Gilead unto Machir the son of Manasseh; and he dwelt therein" (Nu 32:39,40; Josh 17:1,3; compare also 1 Ch 2:21,25; 7:14-17; Dt 3:15; Josh 13:31). In the song of Deborah, Machir is used as equivalent to Manasseh (Jdg 5:14).

(2) Son of Ammiel, dwelling in Lo-debar (2 Sam 9:4,5), a wealthy landowner who protected Mephibosheth (Meribbaal), son of Jonathan, until assured of the friendly intentions of David (compare Ant, VII, ix, 8). Afterward, during the rebellion of Absalom, Machir with others came to David's assistance at Mahanaim, bringing supplies for the king and his men (2 Sam 17:27 ff).

John A. Lees

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