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NAVE: Maiden
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Maiden [NAVE]

See: Virgin; Servant.


MAID; MAIDEN - mad, mad'-'n: Used in the King James Version in the sense of a girl or young female; of an unmarried woman or virgin, and of a female servant or handmaid. Thus, it translates several Hebrew words: (1) The more generic word is na`arah, "girl," feminine form of the common na`ar, "boy" (1 Sam 9:11; 2 Ki 5:2,4; Est 2:4,7 ff; Job 41:5; Am 2:7) In several places masculine form na`ar, with feminine form of verb rendered "damsel" (Gen 24:14,16,28,55; 34:3,12; Dt 22:15); compare he pais (Lk 8:51,54); see also paidiske, diminutive (Sirach 41:22; Mk 14:66,69; Lk 12:45; korasion, Septuagint for na`arah, "maid," in Mt 9:24 f with Job 6:12 f; Susanna verses 15,19). (2) The Hebrew `almah, also rendered "maid," refers to a woman of marriageable age (Ex 2:8; Prov 30:19), whether married or not, whether a virgin or not. The same word is translated "virgin" in several places (Gen 24:43 the King James Version; Song 13; 6:8; Isa 7:14). (3) The word bethulah, a common Hebrew word for "virgin," a chaste woman Septuagint parthenos), is frequently rendered "maid" and "maiden" (Ex 22:16; Jdg 19:24; 2 Ch 36:17; Ps 78:63; 148:12; Jer 51:22; Lam 5:11; Ezek 9:6; 44:22; Zec 9:17; compare Dt 22:14,17, having "the marks (tokens) of virginity"); bethulim, rendered "maid." See VIRGIN. (4) Two Hebrew words covering the idea of service, handmaid, handmaiden, and in numerous passages so rendered: (a) 'amah, translated "maid" (Gen 30:3; Ex 2:5; 21:20,26; Lev 25:6; Ezr 2:65; Job 19:15; Nah 2:7); (b) shiphchah, "a family servant," "a handmaid," so rendered in numerous passages ("maid," "maiden," Gen 16:2 ff; 29:24,29; 30:7,9,10,12,18; Isa 24:2; Ps 123:2; Eccl 2:7). In the King James Version they are variously translated "maid," "handmaid," etc. (5) The rather rare word habra, "favorite slave," is rendered "maid" in Judith 10:2,5; 13:9; 16:23; Additions to Esther 15:2,7. (6) doule, "female slave," in the King James Version Judith 12:49 (the Revised Version (British and American) "servant").

Maidservant means simply a female slave in the different positions which such a woman naturally occupies. They were the property of their masters; sometimes held the position of concubines (Gen 31:33); daughters might be sold by their fathers into this condition (Ex 21:7). It is regrettable that no uniform translation was adopted in the King James Version. And in the Revised Version (British and American) compare Tobit 3:7; Judith 10:10; Sirach 41:22.

"Maidservants" replaces "maidens" of the King James Version in Lk 12:45. Compare Job 31:13.

Edward Bagby Pollard

Also see definition of "Maiden" in Word Study

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