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HEBREW: 4344 ynbkm Makbannay
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In Bible versions:

Machbannai: AVS TEV
a Gadite officer who defected to David in the wilderness


Strongs #04344: ynbkm Makbannay

Machbanai = "bond of the Lord"

1) a Gadite and one of David's mighty warriors who joined him at Ziklag

4344 Makbannay mak-ban-nah'-ee

patrial from 4343; a Macbannite or native of
see HEBREW for 04343


MACHBANNAI - mak'-ba-ni, -ba-na'-i (makhbannay; the King James Version Machbanai): A Gadite who attached himself to David in Ziklag (1 Ch 12:13).

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