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NAVE: Maaleh-acrabbim
EBD: Maaleh-acrabbim
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Maaleh-acrabbim [EBD]

ascent of the scorpions; i.e., "scorpion-hill", a pass on the south-eastern border of Palestine (Num. 34:4; Josh. 15:3). It is identified with the pass of Sufah, entering Palestine from the great Wady el-Fikreh, south of the Dead Sea. (See AKRABBIM.)

Maaleh-acrabbim [NAVE]

MAALEH-ACRABBIM, an acclivity on the S. border of Judah, Josh. 15:3.
See: Akrabbim.


MAALEH-ACRABBIM - ma'-a-la-a-krab'-im, ma-al'-a-.


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