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bringing light

Lucifer [EBD]

brilliant star, a title given to the king of Babylon (Isa. 14:12) to denote his glory.

Lucifer [NAVE]

LUCIFER, Nebuchadnezzar called, Isa. 14:12.


(light-bearer), found in (Isaiah 14:12) coupled with the epithet "son of the morning," clearly signifies a "bright star," and probably what we call the morning star. In this passage it is a symbolical representation of the king of Babylon in his splendor and in his fall. Its application, from St. Jerome downward, to Satan in his fall from heaven arises probably from the fact that the Babylonian empire is in Scripture represented as the type of tyrannical and self idolizing power, and especially connected with the empire of the Evil One in the Apocalypse.


LUCIFER - lu'-si-fer, loo'-si-fer: The morning star, an epithet of the planet Venus.


Also see definition of "Lucifer" in Word Study

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