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LOSS - chaTa "to suffer as one erring, or as a sinner" (Gen 31:39, where Jacob assures Laban that he (Jacob) suffered the loss of all animals of the flock torn by beasts); shekhol, "bereavement" (Isa 47:8 f, where the prophet foretells the humiliation of proud Babylon who shall suffer the loss of her children, and widowhood); shikkulim, "bereavement" (Isa 49:20, translated "bereavement" in the Revised Version (British and American), where the prophet promises to the desolate Zion enlargement). In the New Testament the translations of three Greek words: apobole, "casting away" (Acts 27:22, where Paul assures the crew and passengers that there shall be no "loss" of life from the storm); zemia, "loss" (Acts 27:21, referring to the harm sustained in the storm; Phil 3:7 f, where Paul counts all his natural privileges and attainments as forfeited for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ); zemioo. "to suffer loss" (1 Cor 3:15, where Paul says the man whose works are burned shall suffer "loss"; Phil 3:8, same context as above).

Charles B. Williams

Also see definition of "Loss" in Word Study

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