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EBD: Lodge
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Lodge [EBD]

a shed for a watchman in a garden (Isa. 1:8). The Hebrew name melunah is rendered "cottage" (q.v.) in Isa. 24:20. It also denotes a hammock or hanging-bed.


LODGE - loj (lin; kataskenoo, etc.): To stay or dwell, temporarily, as for the night (Gen 32:13,21; Nu 22:8; Josh 2:1 the King James Version; Josh 4:3; Lk 13:19; Mt 21:17, aulizomai), or permanently (Ruth 1:16). In Isa 1:8, "a lodge (melunah) in a garden of cucumbers," the meaning is "hut," "cottage." "Evil thoughts" are said to "lodge" in the wicked (Jer 4:14).

Also see definition of "Lodge" in Word Study

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