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HEBREW: 3927 lawml [email protected]'el or lawml [email protected]'el
NAVE: Lemuel
EBD: Lemuel
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In Bible versions:

a wise king of the Arabian tribe of Massa

God with them, or him
Arts Topics: The Words of King Lemuel


Strongs #03927: lawml [email protected]'el or lawml [email protected]'el

Lemuel = "for God"

1) the name of an unknown king to whom his mother addressed the
prudential maxims contained in some of the Proverbs
1a) might be same as king Solomon

3927 Lmuw'el lem-oo-ale'

or Lmow el {lem-o-ale'}; from 3926 and 410; (belonging) to
God; Lemuel or Lemoel, a symbolic name of Solomon: -Lemuel.
see HEBREW for 03926
see HEBREW for 0410

Lemuel [EBD]

dedicated to God, a king whom his mother instructed (Prov. 31:1-9). Nothing is certainly known concerning him. The rabbis identified him with Solomon.

Lemuel [NAVE]

A king. Probably refers to Solomon, Prov. 31:1, 4.


(dedicated to God), the name of an unknown king to whom his mother addressed the prudential maxims contained in (Proverbs 31:1-9) The rabbinical commentators identified Lemuel with Solomon. Others regard him as king or chief of an Arab tribe dwelling on the borders of Palestine, and elder brother of Agur, whose name stands at the head of (Proverbs 30:1)


LEMUEL - lem'-u-el (lemu'el, or lemo'-el): A king whose words, an "oracle (taught him by his mother)," are given in Prov 31:1-9; and possibly the succeeding acrostic poem (31:10-31) is from the same source. Instead of translating the word after this name as "oracle" some propose to leave it as a proper name, translating "king of Massa," and referring for his kingdom to Massa (Gen 25:14), one of the sons of Ishmael, supposedly head of a tribe or sheikh of a country. It is to be noted, however, that the words of Agur in the previous chapter are similarly called massa', "oracle" with not so clear a reason for referring it to a country. See for a suggested reason for retaining the meaning "oracle" in both places, PROVERBS, THE BOOK OF, II, 6.

John Franklin Genung

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