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HEBREW: 3962 evl Lesha`
NAVE: Lasha
EBD: Lasha
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In Bible versions:

a town which at one time marked the NE border of the territory of the Philistines (WAR-45), 40 km north of Lake Galilee
Google Maps: Lasha (31° 43´, 35° 35´)


Strongs #03962: evl Lesha`

Lasha = "fissure"

1) a place in the southeast of Palestine at the limit of the
Canaanites territory, near Sodom and Gomorrah

3962 Lesha` leh'-shah

from an unused root thought to mean to break through; a
boiling spring; Lesha, a place probably East of the

Lasha [EBD]

fissure, a place apparently east of the Dead Sea (Gen. 10:19). It was afterwards known as Callirhoe, a place famous for its hot springs.

Lasha [NAVE]

LASHA, a place at the southern extremity of Canaan, Gen. 10:19.


(fissure), a place noticed in (Genesis 10:19) as marking the limit of the country of the Canaanites. It lay somewhere in the southeast of Palestine. Jerome and other writers identify it with Callirrhoe, a spot famous for hot springs, near the eastern shore of the Dead Sea.


LASHA - la'-sha (lasha`): A place named on the southern boundary of the Canaanites along with Gomorrah, Adnah and Zeboiim (Gen 10:19). Eusebius, Onomasticon identifies it with the hot springs at Callirrhoe in Wady Zerqa Ma`in, on the East of the Dead Sea; in this agreeing with Targum Jerusalem. This position, however, seems too far to the North, and possibly the site should be sought on the West of the Arabah. The absence of the article (compare Josh 15:2) prevents identification with the promontory el-Lisan, which runs into the sea from the eastern shore. Wellhausen (Comp. des Hexateuch., 15) thinks we should read lesham, since the Hebrew letters, "m" (mem) and " ` " (`ayin), are like each other in their Palmyrene form. We should then have indicated the boundary from Gaza to the Dead Sea, and then from the Dead Sea to Leshem, i.e. Dan. This is very precarious. No identification is possible.

W. Ewing

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