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NAVE: Land
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Land [NAVE]

Appeared on third creative day, Gen. 1:9.
Original title to, from God, Gen. 13:14-17; 15:7; Ex. 23:31; Lev. 25:23.
Bought and sold, Gen. 23:3-18; 33:19; Acts 4:34; 5:1-8.
Sale and redemption of, laws concerning, Lev. 25:15, 16, 23-33; 27:17-24; Num. 36:4; Jer. 32:7-16, 25, 44; Ezek. 46:18.
Conveyance of, by written deeds and other forms, Gen. 23:3-20; Ruth 4:3-8, 11; Jer. 32:9-14; witnessed, Gen. 23:10, 11; Ruth 4:9-11; Jer. 32:9-14.
Sold for debt, Neh. 5:3-5.
Rights in, alienated, 2 Kin. 8:1-6.
Leased, Luke 20:9-16; Matt. 21:33-41.
Priests' part in, Gen. 47:22; Ezek. 48:10.
King's part in, Ezek. 48:21.
Widow's inheritance in, Ruth 4:3-9.
Unmarried woman's rights in, Num. 27:1-11; 36:1-11.
To rest every seventh year for the benefit of the poor, Ex. 23:11.
Products of, for all, Eccl. 5:9.
Monopoly of, Gen. 47:20-26; Isa. 5:8; Mic. 2:1, 2.
See: Homestead; Mortgage; Property.
Rules for apportioning Canaan among the tribes. See: Canaan; also Ezek. 47:22.


LAND - ((1) 'erets; (2) 'adhamah; (3) sadheh, "a piece of land"; (4) ge, "earth"; (5) agros, "field"; (6) chora, "region"; (7) chorion, diminutive of chora; (8) xeros, "dry land"; (9) 'ezrach, "native" the King James Version "born in the land," "born among you," the Revised Version (British and American) "home-born" (Lev 19:34; 14:16; Nu 15:30); "like a green tree in its native soil" (Ps 37:35)): 'Erets occurs hundreds of times and is used in much the same way as 'adhamah, which also occurs often: e.g. "land of Egypt," 'erets mitsrayim (Gen 13:10), and 'adhmath mitsrayim (Gen 47:20). The other words occur less often, and are used in the senses indicated above.


Alfred Ely Day

LAND-CROCODILE (Revised Version (British and American))]

land-crok'-o-dil (koach; Septuagint chamaileon, Lev 11:30; the King James Version Chameleon): Koach is found only here, meaning an animal, the fifth in the list of unclean "creeping things." Elsewhere is it translated "strength" or "power," and it has been thought that here is meant the desert monitor, Varanus griseus, a gigantic lizard, which is common in Egypt and Palestine, and which attains the length of 4 ft. "Chameleon," which the King James Version has here, is used by the Revised Version (British and American) for tinshemeth (the King James Version "mole"), the eighth in the list of unclean "creeping things" (compare nasham, "to breathe"; translated "swan" in Lev 11:18 margin). While it is by no means certain what animal is meant, there could be no objection to "monitor" or "desert monitor." "Land-crocodile" is objectionable because it is not a recognized name of any animal.


Alfred Ely Day

Also see definition of "Land" in Word Study

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