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HEBREW: 3107 dbzwy Yowzabad
NAVE: Jozabad
EBD: Jozabad
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In Bible versions:

a man of Gederah; one of the Benjamites who defected to David at Ziklag
two commanders from Manasseh who defected to David in Ziklag
an officer in charge of the temple store house under King Hezekiah
a chief officer of the house of God in Josiah's time
son of Jeshua; a Levite on duty in the time of Ezra
a man who put away his heathen wife; a priest descended from Pashhur
a man who put away his heathen wife; a Levite
a Levite who helped Ezra explain the reading of the law
a chief Levite who helped supervise the outside work on the house of God in Nehemiah's time

having a dowry ( --> same as Josabad)


Strongs #03107: dbzwy Yowzabad

Jozabad or Josabad = "Jehovah has endowed"

1) a Korhite Levite, 2nd son of Obededom, and one of the porters of
the temple and of the storehouse there in the time of David
2) one of David's mighty warriors
3) another of David's mighty warriors
4) four other priests or Levites

3107 Yowzabad yo-zaw-bawd'

a form of 3075; Jozabad, the name of ten
Israelites:-Josabad, Jozabad.
see HEBREW for 03075

Jozabad [EBD]

whom Jehovah bestows. (1.) One of the Benjamite archers who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chr. 12:4).

(2.) A chief of the tribe of Manasseh (1 Chr. 12:20).

Jozabad [NAVE]

1. Two men of Manasseh, 1 Chr. 12:20.
2. Two Levites, 2 Chr. 31:13; 35:9.
3. Son of Jeshua, Ezra 8:33.
4. A priest, Ezra 10:22.
5. Three Levites, Ezra 10:23; Neh. 8:7; 11:16.
6. One of David's famous warriors, 1 Chr. 12:4.


(Jehovah justifies).
  1. A captain of the thousands of Manasseh, who deserted to David before the battle of Gilboa. (1 Chronicles 12:20) (B.C. 1053.)
  2. A hero of Manasseh, like the preceding. (1 Chronicles 12:20)
  3. A Levite in the reign of Hezekiah. (2 Chronicles 31:13) (B.C. 726.)
  4. A chief Levite in the reign of Josiah. (2 Chronicles 35:9)
  5. A Levite, son of Jeshua, in the days of Ezra. (Ezra 8:33) (B.C. 459.) Probably identical with No. 7.
  6. A priest of the sons of Pashur, who had married a foreign wife. (Ezra 10:22)
  7. A Levite among those who returned with Ezra and had married foreign wives. He is probably identical with Jozabad the Levite, (Nehemiah 8:7) and with Jozabad who presided over the outer work of the temple. (Nehemiah 11:16) (B.C. 459.)


JOZABAD - joz'-a-bad (yozabhadh, "Yahweh has bestowed"):

(1) A Gederathite, and one of David's recruits at Ziklag (1 Ch 12:4 (Hebrew 5)). He is named with the Benjamites, but possibly he was a native of the town Gedara in Southern Judah. See Curtis, Chronicles, 196.

(2), (3) Two Manassite captains who joined David at Ziklag (1 Ch 12:20 (Hebrew 21)).

(4) A Levite overseer in Hezekiah's time (2 Ch 31:13); may be the ancestor of the chief of the priests in 2 Ch 35:9 = "Joram" of 1 Esdras 1:9.

(5) A Levite (Ezr 8:33), mentioned again probably in Ezr 10:23; Neh 8:7; 11:16. The name in 1 Esdras 8:63 ( = Ezr 8:33) is "Josabdus" (the King James Version "Josabad").

(6) A priest who had married a foreign wife Ezr 10:22) = "Ocidelus" of 1 Esdras 9:22.

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