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HEBREW: 3371 latqy [email protected]'el
NAVE: Joktheel
EBD: Joktheel
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In Bible versions:

Jokthe-el: NRSV
a town in the western foothills of Judah
a town in Edom
Google Maps: Joktheel (1) (31° 33´, 34° 50´); Joktheel (2) (30° 19´, 35° 27´)


Strongs #03371: latqy [email protected]'el

Joktheel = "the blessedness of God"

1) a city in the low country of Judah named next to Lachish
2) the name given to the cliff which was the stronghold of Edom by
king Amaziah after capturing it; also called 'Selah' and 'Petra'

3371 Yoqth'el yok-theh-ale'

probably from the same as 3348 and 410; veneration of God
(compare 3354); Joktheel, the name of a place in Palestine,
and of one in Idumaea:-Joktheel.
see HEBREW for 03348
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see HEBREW for 03354

Joktheel [EBD]

subdued by God. (1.) A city of Judah near Lachish (Josh. 15, 38). Perhaps the ruin Kutlaneh, south of Gezer.

(2.) Amaziah, king of Judah, undertook a great expedition against Edom (2 Chr. 25:5-10), which was completely successful. He routed the Edomites and slew vast numbers of them. So wonderful did this victory appear to him that he acknowledged that it could have been achieved only by the special help of God, and therefore he called Selah (q.v.), their great fortress city, by the name of Joktheel (2 Kings 14:7).

Joktheel [NAVE]

1. A city of Judah, Josh. 15:38.
2. A name given by Amaziah to Selah, a stronghold of Edom, 2 Kin. 14:7; 2 Chr. 25:11, 12.
Called rock in Judg. 1:36.


(subdued by God).
  1. A city in the low country of Judah, (Joshua 15:38) named next to Lachish.
  2. "God-subdued," the title given by Amaziah to the cliff (Authorized Version Selah) --the stronghold of the Edomites-- after he had captured it from them. (2 Kings 14:7) The parallel narrative of (2 Chronicles 25:11-13) supplies fuller details.


JOKTHEEL - jok'-the-el, jok'-thel (yoqethe'el) :

(1) A city in the Shephelah of Judah named between Mizpeh and Lachish (Josh 15:38); unidentified.

(2) A city in Edom formerly called Sela, taken by Amaziah after the battle in the Valley of Salt, and by him called Joktheel (2 Ki 14:7).


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