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GREEK: 2489 Iwanna Ioanna
EBD: Joanna
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In Bible versions:

the wife of Chuza who was Herod's steward.

grace or gift of the Lord
Arts Topics: Joanna, the Wife of Cuza; Portraits of Joanna, Wife of Cuza


Strongs #2489: Iwanna Ioanna

Joanna = "Jehovah is a gracious giver"

1) the wife of Chuza, Herod's steward, and a follower of Jesus

2489 Ioanna ee-o-an'-nah

feminine of the same as 2491; Joanna, a Christian:-Joanna.
see GREEK for 2491

Joanna [EBD]

whom Jehovah has graciously given. (1.) The grandson of Zerubbabel, in the lineage of Christ (Luke 3:27); the same as Hananiah (1 Chr. 3:19).

(2.) The wife of Chuza, the steward of Herod Antipas, tetrarch of Galilee (Luke 8:3). She was one of the women who ministered to our Lord, and to whom he appeared after his resurrection (Luke 8:3; 24:10).


(grace or gift of God) (in Revised Version spelled JOANAN).
  1. Son of Rhesa, according to the text of (Luke 3:27) and one of the ancestors of Christ; but according to the view explained in a previous article, son of Zerubbabel, and the same as HANANIAH in (1 Chronicles 3:19)
  2. The name of a woman, occurring twice in (Luke 8:3; 24:10) but evidently denoting the same person, (A.D. 28-30.) In the first passage she is expressly stated to have been "wife of Chuza, steward of Herod," that is, Antipas, tetrarch of Galilee.


JOANNA - jo-an'-a (Ioana, or Ioanna): The wife of Chuzas, Herod's steward. She was one of the "women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities" which "ministered unto him (King James Version, i.e. Jesus, or "them" the Revised Version (British and American), i.e. Jesus and His disciples) of their substance," on the occasion of Jesus' tour through Galilee (Lk 8:2,3). Along with other women she accompanied Jesus on His last journey from Galilee to Jerusalem, and was present when His body was laid in the sepulcher (Lk 23:55). She was thus among those who prepared spices and ointments, who found the grave empty, and who "told these things unto the apostles" (Lk 23:56 through 24:10).

C. M. Kerr

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