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HEBREW: 3098 xawy Yow'ach
NAVE: Joah
EBD: Joah
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In Bible versions:

son of Asaph; record keeper of King Hezekiah
son of Zimmah one of the Levites of Gershon whom, along with his son Eden, King Hezekiah assigned to supervise the cleansing of the temple
son of Obed-Edom; a Levite gatekeeper whose descendants returned from exile
son of Joahaz; record keeper of King Josiah

fraternity; brother of the Lord


Strongs #03098: xawy Yow'ach

Joah = "Jehovah is brother"

1) son of Asaph and chronicler to Hezekiah
2) a Gershonite son or grandson of Zimmah
3) a Korhite, 3rd son of Obed-edom and doorkeeper in the time of David
4) son of Joahaz and chronicler to king Josiah

3098 Yow'ach yo-awkh'

from 3068 and 251; Jehovah-brothered; Joach, the name of four
see HEBREW for 03068
see HEBREW for 0251

Joah [EBD]

Jehovah his brother; i.e., helper. (1.) One of the sons of Obed-edom (1 Chr. 26:4), a Korhite porter.

(2.) A Levite of the family of Gershom (1 Chr. 6:21), probably the same as Ethan (42).

(3.) The son of Asaph, and "recorder" (q.v.) or chronicler to King Hezekiah (2 Kings 18:18, 26, 37).

(4.) Son of Joahaz, and "recorder" (q.v.) or keeper of the state archives under King Josiah (2 Chr. 34:8).

Joah [NAVE]

1. Son of Asaph, 2 Kin. 18:18, 26; Isa. 36:3, 11, 22.
2. A descendant of Gershom, 1 Chr. 6:21; 2 Chr. 29:12.
3. A son of Obed-edom, 1 Chr. 26:4.
4. A Levite, who repaired the temple, 2 Chr. 34:8.


(whose brother (i.e. helper) is Jehovah).
  1. The son of Asaph,a nd chronicler or keeper of the records to Hezekiah. (Isaiah 36:3,11,22) (B.C. 776.)
  2. The son or grandson of Zimmah, a Gershonite. (1 Chronicles 6:21)
  3. The third son of Obed-edom, (1 Chronicles 26:4) a Korhite, and one of the doorkeepers appointed by David. (B.C. 1014.)
  4. A Gershonite, the son of Zeimmah and father of Eden. (2 Chronicles 29:12)
  5. The son of Joahaz, and annalist or keeper of the records to Josiah. (2 Chronicles 34:8) (B.C. 623.)


JOAH - jo'-a (yo'ach, "Yahweh is brother"):

(1) Son of Asaph and recorder under King Hezekiah (2 Ki 18:18,26; Isa 36:3,11,22); he was one of the 3 officers sent by the king to speak to the Assyrian envoys at the siege of Jerusalem (circa 701 BC).

(2) In 1 Ch 6:21 (Hebrew 6); 2 Ch 29:12, a Levite (son of Zimmah) = "Ethan" of 1 Ch 6:42 (Hebrew 27).

(3) a son of Obed-edom (1 Ch 26:4).

(4) Son of Joahaz and recorder under King Josiah (2 Ch 34:8).

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