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In Bible versions:

son of the Maacathite; leader of a band who rallied around Gedaliah who was head of the remnant of Judah

nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord


Strongs #03153: hynzy [email protected] or whynzy [email protected]

Jezaniah = "Jehovah has listened"

1) son of Hoshaiah the Maachathite and one of the captains who
escaped from Jerusalem during the last siege of the Babylonians;
one of the first to return to Gedaliah at Mizpah where he took a
prominent part after the assassination of Gedaliah

3153 Yzanyah yez-an-yaw'

or Yzanyahuw {yez-an-yaw'-hoo}; probably for 2970; Jezanjah,
an Israelite:-Jezaniah.
see HEBREW for 02970

Jezaniah [NAVE]

See: Jaazaniah.


(whom Jehovah hears), the son of Hoshaiah the Maachathite, and one of the captains of the forces who had escaped from Jerusalem during the final attack of the beleaguering army of the Chaldeans. (B.C. 588.) When the Babylonians had departed, Jezaniah, with the men under his command, was one of the first who returned to Gedaliah at Mizpah. In the events which followed the assassination of that officer Jezaniah took a prominent part. (2 Kings 25:23; Jeremiah 40:8; 42:1; 43:2)


JEZANIAH - jez-a-ni'-a (yezanyahu, probably "Yahweh hears"; compare JAAZANIAH): In Jer 40:8, and also 42:1 where Septuagint has "Azariah," as in 43:2 (see Driver, Jer) = JAAZANIAH, (1) (which see).

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