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NAVE: Jesaiah
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health, or salvation, of the Lord

Jesaiah [NAVE]

1. Called also Jeshaiah. Grandson of Zerubbabel, 1 Chr. 3:21.
2. Son of Jeduthun, 1 Chr. 25:3, 15.
3. Grandson of Eliezer, 1 Chr. 26:25.
4. A Jew of the family of Elam, who returned from exile, Ezra 8:7.
5. A Levite who joined Ezra to return to Jerusalem, Ezra 8:19.
6. A Benjamite, detailed by lot to dwell in Jerusalem after the exile, Neh. 11:7.


(salvation of Jehovah).
  1. Son of Hananiah, brother of Pelatiah and grandson of Zerubbabel. (1 Chronicles 3:21) (B.C. after 536.)

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