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In Bible versions:

Jeatherai: AVS TEV
son of Zerah of Gershom son of Levi

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Strongs #02979: yrtay [email protected]'[email protected]

Jeaterai = "whom Jehovah leads"

1) a Gershonite Levite, son of Zerah

2979 y'athray yeh-aw-ther-ah'ee

from the same as 871; stepping; Jeatherai, an
see HEBREW for 0871

Jeaterai [NAVE]

JEATERAI, descendant of Gershom, 1 Chr. 6:21.

Jeatherai [NAVE]

See: Jeaterai.


(whom Jehovah leads), a Gershonite Levite, son of Zerah. (1 Chronicles 6:21)


JEATHERAI; JEATERAI - je-ath'-e-ri, jeat'-e-ri (Revised Version (British and American)), (the King James Version) (ye'atheray, meaning unknown): A descendant of Gershom, "son" of Levi (1 Ch 6:21 (Hebrew 6)), and probably an ancestor of Asaph (so commentators); in 6:39-43 the corresponding name is "Ei." The difference in the Hebrew words is not great.

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