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HEBREW: 3492 ryty Yattiyr
NAVE: Jattir
EBD: Jattir
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In Bible versions:

a town in the hill country of Judah

a remnant; excellent
Google Maps: Jattir (31° 24´, 35° 4´)


Strongs #03492: ryty Yattiyr

Jattir = "plenty"

1) a town in the mountains of Judah

3492 Yattiyr yat-teer'

from 3498; redundant; Jattir, a place in Palestine:-Jattir.
see HEBREW for 03498

Jattir [EBD]

pre-eminent, a city in the mountains of Judah (Josh. 15:48; 21:14).

Jattir [NAVE]

JATTIR, a Levitical city, Josh. 15:48; 21:14; 1 Sam. 30:27; 1 Chr. 6:57.


(pre-eminent), a town of Judah in the mountain districts, (Joshua 15:48) one of the group containing Socho, Eshtemoa, etc. See also (Joshua 21:14; 1 Samuel 30:27; 1 Chronicles 6:57) By Robinson it is identified with ?Attir , six miles north of Molada and ten miles south of Hebron.


JATTIR - jat'-er (yattir, and yattir): A town in the hill country of Judah, mentioned in conjunction with Shamir and Socoh (Josh 15:48); one of the cities given to the "children of Aaron the priest" (Josh 21:14; 1 Ch 6:57). David after his victory over the Amalekites sent a present of the spoil from Ziklag "to them that were in Jattir" (1 Sam 30:27).

It is now Khirbet `Attir, an important ruin, in the extreme South of the hill country, 5 miles Southeast of edh Dhariyeh and 20 miles Southeast of Belt Jibrin. This must Correspond to the "very large village Jethira" which is mentioned in Eusebius, Onomasticon (119 27; 133 3; 134 24, etc.) as 20 miles Southeast of Eleutheropolis (i.e. Beit Jibrin). The site is full of caves. See PEF, III, 408, Sh XXV.

E. W. G. Masterman

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