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HEBREW: 3434 Mebvy Yashob`am
NAVE: Jashobeam
EBD: Jashobeam
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In Bible versions:

son of Zabdiel; a Hachmonite (Perez Judah); an elite soldier
one of the Benjamite men who defected to David at Ziklag

the people sitting; or captivity of the people


Strongs #03434: Mebvy Yashob`am

Jashobeam = "the people will return"

1) a Hachmonite, the leader of the 30 mighty warriors of David; he
joined David at Ziklag and was best known as the man who slew 800
or 300 men at one time; also called 'Adino the Eznite'
2) a Korahite, another of David's mighty warriors; same as 1?

3434 Yashob`am yaw-shob-awm'

from 7725 and 5971; people will return; Jashobam, the name of
two or three Israelites:-Jashobeam.
see HEBREW for 07725
see HEBREW for 05971

Jashobeam [EBD]

dweller among the people; or to whom the people turn, the Hachmonite (1 Chr. 11:11), one of David's chief heroes who joined him at Ziklag (12:6). He was the first of the three who broke through the host of the Philistines to fetch water to David from the well of Bethlehem (2 Sam. 23:13-17). He is also called Adino the Eznite (8).

Jashobeam [NAVE]

JASHOBEAM, 1. One of David's warriors, 2 Sam. 23:8; 1 Chr. 11:11; 27:2.
2. A Korhite Levite, 1 Chr. 12:6.


(to whom the people turn), named first among the chief of the mighty men of David. (1 Chronicles 11:11) (B.C. 1046.) He came to David at Ziklag. His distinguishing exploit was that he slew 300 (or 800,) (2 Samuel 23:8) men at one time.


JASHOBEAM - ja-sho'-be-am (yashobh`am, probably "people will return"; see discussion of names compounded with `am, in HPN, 41-59): Jashobeam is mentioned in three passages (1 Ch 11:11; 12:6 (Hebrew 7); 27:2 f), but opinions vary as to the number of persons erred to. In 1 Ch 11:11 he is called "the son of a Hachmonite" (reference unknown) and "the chief of the three" ("three," the best reading; the Revised Version (British and American) "thirty"; the King James Version, the Revised Version margin "captains"), mighty men of David. He is said to have slain 300 (800 in 2 Sam 23:8) at one time, i.e. one after another.

The gibborim, or heroes, numbered 600 and were divided into bands of 200 each and subdivided into smaller bands of 20 each, with a captain for each company large and small. Jashobeam had command of the first of the three bands of 200 (see Ewald, HI, III , 140 f; Stanley, HJC, II, 78). From the indefiniteness of the description, "three of the thirty chief," he can hardly be regarded as one of the three mighty men who broke through the ranks of the Philistines, and brought water from the well of Bethlehem to David on the hill-fortress of Adullam (1 Ch 11:15-17), and the fact that "the thirty" have not yet been mentioned would seem to indicate that this story is not in its proper place. But "Jashobe am" here (1 Ch 11:11) is probably an error for "Ishbaal," the reading of many of the manuscripts of the Septuagint (HPN, 46, note).

In the parallel passage (2 Sam 23:8) he is called "Joshebbasshebeth, a Tahchemonite." This verse, however, is probably corrupt (Revised Version margin), and the text should be corrected in accordance with Ch to "Ishbaal, the Hachmonite." In 1 Ch 27:2 f Jashobeam is said to have been "the son of Zabdiel," of the family of Perez, and the commander-in-chief of the division of David's army which did duty the first month. The army consisted of 12 divisions of 24,000 each, each division serving a month in turn. In 1 Ch 12:6 (Hebrew 7) Jashobeam is mentioned among those who joined David at Ziklag in the time of Saul, and is described as a Korahite, probably one belonging to a family of Judah (compare 2:43).

James Crichton

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