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HEBREW: 3239 xwny Yanowach or (with enclitic) hxwny Yanowchah
NAVE: Janoah
EBD: Janoah
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In Bible versions:

a town on NE border of Ephraim about 10 km SE of Shechem (OS)

resting; tarrying; deriving ( --> same as Janohah)
Google Maps: Janoah (1) (33° 15´, 35° 18´); Janoah (2) (32° 9´, 35° 21´)


Strongs #03239: xwny Yanowach or (with enclitic) hxwny Yanowchah

Janoah or Janohah = "He rests"

1) a place apparently in the north of Galilee in Naphtali, taken by
Tiglath-pileser in his first incursion into Palestine

3239 Yanowach yaw-no'-akh; or (with enclitic) Yanowchah {yaw-no'-khaw

from 3240; quiet; Janoach or Janochah, a place in
Palestine:-Janoah, Janohah.
see HEBREW for 03240

Janoah [EBD]

or Jano'hah, rest. (1.) A town on the north-eastern border of Ephraim, in the Jordan valley (Josh. 16:6, 7). Identified with the modern Yanun, 8 miles south-east of Nablus.

(2.) A town of Northern Palestine, within the boundaries of Naphtali. It was taken by the king of Assyria (2 Kings 15:29).

Janoah [NAVE]

JANOAH, a city of Naphtali, 2 Kin. 15:29.


(rest), a place apparently in the north of Galilee, or the "land of Naphtali," --one of those taken by Tiglath-pileser in his first incursion into Palestine. (2 Kings 15:29) No trace of it appears elsewhere.


JANOAH - ja-no'-a (yanoach, "resting-place"):

(1) A place named on the eastern boundary of Ephraim (Josh 16:6 f; the King James Version "Janohah"). Eusebius, Onomasticon (s.v. "Jano") places it in Akrabattine, 12 Roman miles East of Neapolis (Nablus). This points definitely to Khirbet Yanun. On a hill near by, the Moslems show the Maqam of Neby Nun, the father of Joshua.

(2) A town in the uplands of Naphtali, mentioned as having been captured and depopulated by Tiglathpileser. It is named with Abel-beth-maacah and Kedesh (2 Ki 15:29). It may be identical with Yanuch, a village about 6 miles East of Tyre.

W. Ewing

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