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HEBREW: 2985 Nyby Yabiyn
NAVE: Jabin
EBD: Jabin
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In Bible versions:

king of Hazor in the time of Joshua
king of Canaan in Hazor in the time of Judge Deborah and Baruch

he that understands; building ( --> same as Jabneh)


Strongs #02985: Nyby Yabiyn

Jabin = "whom God observes"

1) a king of Hazor who organised a confederacy of the northern
princes against Joshua; confederacy routed by the waters of Merom
2) another king of Hazor whose general, Sisera, was defeated by Barak

2985 Yabiyn yaw-bene'

from 995; intelligent; Jabin, the name of two Canaanitish
see HEBREW for 0995

Jabin [EBD]

discerner; the wise. (1.) A king of Hazor, at the time of the entrance of Israel into Canaan (Josh. 11:1-14), whose overthrow and that of the northern chief with whom he had entered into a confederacy against Joshua was the crowning act in the conquest of the land (11:21-23; comp. 14:6-15). This great battle, fought at Lake Merom, was the last of Joshua's battles of which we have any record. Here for the first time the Israelites encountered the iron chariots and horses of the Canaanites.

(2.) Another king of Hazor, called "the king of Canaan," who overpowered the Israelites of the north one hundred and sixty years after Joshua's death, and for twenty years held them in painful subjection. The whole population were paralyzed with fear, and gave way to hopeless despondency (Judg. 5:6-11), till Deborah and Barak aroused the national spirit, and gathering together ten thousand men, gained a great and decisive victory over Jabin in the plain of Esdraelon (Judg. 4:10-16; comp. Ps. 83:9). This was the first great victory Israel had gained since the days of Joshua. They never needed to fight another battle with the Canaanites (Judg. 5:31).

Jabin [NAVE]

JABIN, names of two kings of Hazor, Josh. 11:1-14; Judg. 4:2, 7, 17, 23, 24; Psa. 83:9.


(whom God observes).
  1. King of Hazor, who organized a confederacy of the northern princes against the Israelites. (Joshua 11:1-3) Joshua surprised the allied forces by the waters of Merom, ver. 7, and utterly routed them. (B.C. 1448.) During the ensuing wars Joshua again attacked Jabin, and burnt his city. (Joshua 11:1-14)
  2. A king of Hazor, whose general, Sisera, was defeated by Barak. (Judges 4:2,13) (B.C. 1316.)


JABIN - ja'-bin (yabhin, "one who is intelligent," "discerning." The word may have been a hereditary royal title among the northern Canaanites. Compare the familiar usage of par`oh melekh mitsrayim):

(1) "The king of Hazor," the leading city in Northern Palestine, who led an alliance against Joshua. He was defeated at the waters of Merom, his city was taken and he was slain (Josh 11:1-9).

(2) "The king of Canaan, that reigned (or had reigned) in Hazor." It is not clear whether he dwelt in Hazor or Harosheth, the home of Sisera, the captain of his host at the time of the story narrated in Jgs. He oppressed Israel in the days preceding the victory of Deborah and Barak. To the Israelites he must have been but a shadowy figure as compared with his powerful captain, Sisera, for the song makes no mention of him and there is nothing to indicate that he even took part in the battle that freed Israel (Jdg 4:2,7,17,23,24 bis; Ps 83:9,10).

Ella Davis Isaacs

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