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HEBREW: 3258 Ubey Ya`bets
NAVE: Jabez
EBD: Jabez
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In Bible versions:

a town known for its scribes descended from Salma of Judah
head of a family in Judah

sorrow; trouble
Google Maps: Jabez (31° 42´, 35° 12´)


Strongs #03258: Ubey Ya`bets

Jabez = "sorrow"

n pr m
1) the head of a Calebite family

n pr loc
2) a town in Judah apparently near Bethlehem

3258 Ya`bets yah-bates'

from an unused root probably meaning to grieve; sorrowful;
Jabets, the name of an Israelite, and also of a place in
Palestine: -Jabez.

Jabez [EBD]

affiction. (1.) A descendant of Judah, of whom it is recorded that "God granted him that which he requested" (1 Chr. 4:9, 10).

(2.) A place inhabited by several families of the scribes (1 Chr. 2:55).

Jabez [NAVE]

1. A city of Judah, 1 Chr. 2:55.
2. The head of a family, 1 Chr. 4:9, 10.


  1. Apparently a place at which the families of the scribes resided who belonged to the families of the Kenites. (1 Chronicles 2:55)
  2. The name occurs again in the genealogies of Judah, (1 Chronicles 4:9,10) in a passage of remarkable detail inserted in a genealogy again connected with Bethlehem. ver. 4.


JABEZ - ja'-bez (ya`bets, "sorrow" ("height)):

(1) Place: An unidentified town probably in the territory of Judah, occupied by scribes (1 Ch 2:55). For an ingenious reconstruction of the passage see EB, under the word

(2) Person: The head of a family of Judah, noted for his "honorable" character, though "his mother bare him with sorrow" (1 Ch 4:9,10), ya`bets being interpreted as if it stood for ya`tsebh, "he causes pain." The same play upon words recurs in his prayer, "that it be not to my sorrow!" His request was granted, "and the sorrow implied by his ominous name was averted by prayer" (Dummelow, in the place cited.).

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