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Juda [EBD]

(1.) The patriarch Judah, son of Jacob (Luke 3:33; Heb. 7:14). In Luke 1:39; Heb. 7:14; Rev. 5:5; 7:5, the word refers to the tribe of Judah.

(2.) The father of Simeon in Christ's maternal ancestry (Luke 3:30).

(3.) Son of Joanna, and father of Joseph in Christ's maternal ancestry (26), probably identical with Abiud (Matt. 1:13), and with Obadiah (1 Chr. 3:21).

(4.) One of the Lord's "brethren" (Mark 6:3).

Juda [NAVE]

See: Joda; Judah.


  1. Son of Joseph, in the genealogy of Christ. (Luke 3:30)
  2. Son of Joanna, or Hananiah. [HANANIAH, 8] (Luke 3:26) He seems to be certainly the same person as ABIUD in (Matthew 1:13)
  3. One of the Lord?s brethren, enumerated in (Mark 6:3)
  4. The patriarch Judah. Sus. 56; (Luke 3:33; Hebrews 7:14; Revelation 5:5; 7:5)


JUDA - joo'-da: Lk 1:39 the King James Version, see JUTTAH; Lk 3:26, see JODA; 3:30, see JUDAS.

Also see definition of "Juda" in Word Study

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