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NAVE: Insurrection
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Insurrection [NAVE]

Psa. 6:42.
Described by David in Psa. 55.
Led by Bichri, 2 Sam. 20; Absalom, See: Absalom; Barabbas, Mark 15:7.
See: Sedition.


INSURRECTION - in-su-rek'-shun: The word in Ps 64:2 the King James Version is changed in the Revised Version (British and American) into "tumult"; in Ezr 4:19 (verb) it represents the Aramaic nesa', to "lift up oneself." In the New Testament stasis, is rendered "insurrection" in Mk 15:7 the King James Version (where compare the verb "made insurrection"), but in Lk 23:19,25 "sedition." the Revised Version (British and American) correctly renders "insurrection" throughout; also in Acts 24:5 "insurrections" for the King James Version "sedition."

Also see definition of "Insurrection" in Word Study

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