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INCREASE - in'-kres, (noun), in-kres' (verb): Employed in the English Bible both as verb and as noun, and in both cases to represent a number of different words in the original. As a verb it is used in the ordinary sense of the term. As a noun it is usually used of plant life, or of the herds and flocks, to denote the fruitage or the offspring; more rarely of money, to denote the interest. As examples of the different terms translated by this word, students who read Hebrew or Greek may compare Dt 7:22; Prov 16:21; Job 10:16 the King James Version; Job 12:23; Nu 18:30; Dt 7:13; Ezek 22:12 in the Old Testament, and Jn 3:30; 1 Cor 3:6; Col 2:19; Eph 4:16 in the New Testament.

Russell Benjamin Miller

Also see definition of "Increase" in Word Study

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