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HEBREW: 2432 Nlyx Chiylen
NAVE: Hilen
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In Bible versions:

Hilen: AVS TEV
a town of highland Judah 16 km NNW of Hebron (OS)

a window; grief
Google Maps: Hilen (31° 34´, 34° 57´)


Strongs #02432: Nlyx Chiylen

Hilen = "place of caves"

1) a city of Judah allotted to the priests

2432 Chiylen khee-lane'

from 2428; fortress; Chilen, a place in Palestine:-Hilen.
see HEBREW for 02428

Hilen [NAVE]

HILEN, a city of Judah. Assigned to the priests, 1 Chr. 6:58.
Called Holon, Josh. 15:51; 21:15.


(place of caves), the name of city of Judah allotted with its suburbs to the priests. (1 Chronicles 6:58)


HILEN - hi-len (chilen): A city in the hill country of Judah, probably West or Southwest of Hebron, assigned with its suburbs to the Levites (1 Ch 6:58 (Hebrew 43)). The form of the name in Josh 15:51; 21:15 is HOLON (which see).

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