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HEWER - hu'-er (choTebh): Applies especially to a wood-worker or wood-gatherer (compare Arabic chattab, "a woodman") (Josh 9:21,23,17; 2 Ch 2:10; Jer 46:22). Gathering wood, like drawing water, was a menial task. Special servants were assigned to the work (Dt 29:11). Joshua set the Gibeonites to hewing wood and drawing water as a punishment for their trickery, whereas were it not for the oath which the Israelites had sworn, the Gibeonites would probably have been killed.


chatsbh, from the root "to cut" or "to carve," applies to hewers of stone in 1 Ki 5:15; 2 Ki 12:12; 1 Ch 22:15; 2 Ch 2:18.

James A. Patch

Also see definition of "Hewer" in Word Study

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