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Hereth, The Forest Of

Google Maps: Hereth (31° 37´, 35° 1´)


HERETH, THE FOREST OF - he'-reth (ya`-ar chareth; Septuagint polis Sareik; the King James Version Hareth): David (1 Sam 22:5) was told by the prophet Gad to depart from Mizpah of Moab and go to the land of Judah, and he "came into the forest of Hereth." The Septuagint has "city" instead of forest; see also Josephus, Ant, VI, xii, 4. The village Kharas, on an ancient high road, 3 miles Southeast of Aid el ma, probably David's stronghold ADULLAM (which see), may possibly answer to the place (PEF, III, 305, Sh XXI). "Horesh" has been suggested as an alternative reading.

E. W. G. Masterman

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