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In Bible versions:

Hepherite: NIV
the head of a clan of Gileadites; the father of Zelophehad; the son of Gilead
son of Ashhur and his wife Naarah in Moses time
a Mecherathite man who was one of David's military elite
a town of Manasseh 25 km north of Aphek & 25 km south of Dor
members of the clan of Hepher

a digger
Google Maps: Hepher (32° 22´, 34° 52´)


Strongs #02660: rpx Chepher

Hepher = "a well"

n pr m
1) youngest son of Gilead and head of the family of Hepherites
2) son of Asher, the father of Tekoa
3) the Mecherathite, one of David's mighty warriors

n pr loc
4) a place in ancient Canaan, west of the Jordan, conquered by Joshua
site unknown
4a) a place in Judah, probably the same as 4 above

2660 Chepher khay'-fer

from 2658 or 2659; a pit of shame; Chepher, a place in
Palestine; also the name of three Israelites:-Hepher.
see HEBREW for 02658
see HEBREW for 02659

Strongs #02662: yrpx Chephriy

Hepherites = see Hepher "a pit" or "shame"

1) descendants of Hepher, son of Gilead

2662 Chephriy khef-ree'

patronymically from 2660; a Chephrite (collectively) or
descendants of Chepher:-Hepherites.
see HEBREW for 02660

Hepher [EBD]

a well or stream. (1.) A royal city of the Canaanites taken by Joshua (12:17).

(2.) The youngest son of Gilead (Num. 26:32; 27:1).

(3.) The second son of Asher (1 Chr. 4:6).

(4.) One of David's heroes (1 Chr. 11:36).

Hepher [NAVE]

1. Son of Gilead, and ancestor of Zelophehad, Num. 26:32, 33; 27:1; Josh. 17:2, 3.
2. Son of Naarah, 1 Chr. 4:6.
3. One of David's heroes, 1 Chr. 11:36.
4. A city west of the Jordan, Josh. 12:17; 1 Kin. 4:10.

Hepherites [NAVE]

See: Hepher.


(a well).
  1. The youngest of the sons of Gilead, (Numbers 26:32) and head of the family of the Hepherites. (B.C. before 1450.)
  2. Son of Ashur, the "father of Tekoa." (1 Chronicles 4:6) (B.C. about 1445.)
  3. The Mecherathite, one of the heroes of David?s guard. (1 Chronicles 11:36) (B.C. 1046.)


a place in ancient Canaan which occurs in the lists of conquered kings. (Joshua 12:17) It was on the west of Jordan. Comp. (Joshua 12:7) and 1Kin 4:10


HEPHER - (chepher):

(1) Septuagint Hopher (Josh 12:17), a Canaanitish town mentioned between Tappuah and Aphek, unidentified.

(2) In 1 Ki 4:10 a district connected with Socoh, and placed by Solomon under the direction of Benhesed of Arubboth, unidentified.


HEPHER; HEPHERITES - he'-fer, he'-fer-its (chepher, chephri):

(1) Septuagint Hopher (Nu 26:32 f; 27:1; Josh 17:2 f), the head of a family or clan of the tribe of Manasseh. The clan is called the Hepherites in Nu 26:32.

(2) Septuagint Hephal (1 Ch 4:6), a man of Judah.

(3) Septuagint Hopher (1 Ch 11:36), one of David's heroes.

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