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NAVE: Hazerim
EBD: Hazerim
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Hazerim [EBD]

villages, probably the name of the temporary villages in which the nomad Avites resided (Deut. 2:23).

Hazerim [NAVE]

HAZERIM, a district in the S. of Canaan, Deut. 2:23.


(villages). The Avim, or more accurately the Avvim, are said to have lived "in the villages (Authorized Version ?Hazerim?) as far as Gaza," (2:23) before their expulsion by the Caphtorim.


HAZERIM - ha-ze'-rim, haz'-er-im (chatserim): Is rendered in the King James Version (Dt 2:23) as the name of a place in the Southwest of Palestine, in which dwelt the Avvim, ancient inhabitants of the land. The word means "villages," and ought to be translated as in the Revised Version (British and American). The sentence means that the Avvim dwelt in villages--not in fortified towns--before the coming of the Caphtorim, the Philistines, who destroyed them.

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