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HEBREW: 2701 howo rux Chatsar Cuwcah
NAVE: Hazar-susah
EBD: Hazar-susah
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Hazar Susah

In Bible versions:

Hazar Susah: NET NIV
Hazar-Susah: AVS TEV
Hazar-susah: NRSV NASB
a town of Simeon

or susim, the hay-paunch of a horse
Google Maps: Hazar-susah (31° 23´, 34° 56´)


Strongs #02701: howo rux Chatsar Cuwcah

Hazar-susah = "horse village"

1) one of the cities allotted to Simeon in the extreme south of Judah
and the place where Solomon kept horses

2701 Chatsar Cuwcah khats-ar'soo-saw'

from 2691 and 5484; village of cavalry; Chatsar-Susah, a
place in Palestine:-Hazar-susah.
see HEBREW for 02691
see HEBREW for 05484

Hazar-susah [EBD]

village of the horse, the same as Sansannah, one of Solomon's "chariot cities" (Josh. 15:31; 2 Chr. 1:14), a depot in the south border of Judah.

Hazar-susah [NAVE]

HAZAR-SUSAH, called also Hazarsusim, a city of Judah, Josh. 19:5; 1 Chr. 4:31.

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