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HEBREW: 2705 lewv rux Chatsar Shuw`al
NAVE: Hazar-shual
EBD: Hazar-shual
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Hazar Shual

In Bible versions:

Hazar Shual: NET NIV
Hazar-Shual: AVS TEV
Hazar-shual: NRSV NASB
a town in southern Judah belonging to the tribe of Simeon

a wolf's house
Google Maps: Hazar-shual (31° 12´, 34° 56´)


Strongs #02705: lewv rux Chatsar Shuw`al

Hazar-shual = "jackal village"

1) a town in southern Judah
2) a place in Simeon

2705 Chatsar Shuw`al khats-ar' shoo-awl'

from 2691 and 7776; village of (the) fox; Chatsar-Shual, a
place in Palestine:-Hazar-shual.
see HEBREW for 02691
see HEBREW for 07776

Hazar-shual [EBD]

village or enclosure of the jackal, a city on the south border of Judah (Josh. 15:28; Neh. 11:27). It has been identified with the ruins of Saweh, half-way between Beersheba and Moladah.

Hazar-shual [NAVE]

HAZAR-SHUAL, a town on the S. of Judah, Josh. 15:28; 19:3; 1 Chr. 4:28; Neh. 11:27.

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