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HAVE - hav: "To have" is to own or possess; its various uses may be resolved into this, its proper meaning.

A few of the many changes in the Revised Version (British and American) are, for "a man that hath friends" (Prov 18:24), "maketh many friends," margin (Hebrew) "a man of friends"; for "all that I have" (Lk 15:31), "all that is mine"; for "we have peace with God" (Rom 5:1) the English Revised Version has "let us have," margin "some authorities read we have," the American Standard Revised Version as the King James Version margin "many ancient authorities read let us have"; for "what great conflict I have" (Col 2:1), "how greatly I strive"; for "will have" (Mt 9:13; 12:7), "desire"; Mt 27:43, "desireth"; for "would have" (Mk 6:19; Acts 10:10), "desired"; Acts 16:27, "was about"; 19:30, "was minded to"; 23:28 "desiring"; Heb 12:17, "desired to"; for "ye have" (Heb 10:34), the English Revised Version has "ye yourselves have," margin "ye have your ownselves," the American Standard Revised Version "ye have for yourselves," margin "many ancient authorities read, ye have your own selves for a better possession" (compare Lk 9:25; 21:19); "having heard" for "after that ye heard" (Eph 1:13); "having suffered before," for "even after that we had suffered" (1 Thess 2:2); "and thus, having," for "so after he had" (Heb 6:15).

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Have" in Word Study

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