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HEBREW: 2828 Mvx Chashum
NAVE: Hashum
EBD: Hashum
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In Bible versions:

a man whose descendants returned from exile in Babylon
an official who stood with Ezra when he publicly read the law
an Israelite chief who signed the covenant to obey God's law

silence; their hasting


Strongs #02828: Mvx Chashum

Hashum = "rich"

1) head of a family of 223 exiles returning with Zerubbabel
2) one of the priests or Levites who stood on Ezra's left while he
read the law

2828 Chashum khaw-shoom'

from the same as 2831; enriched; Chashum, the name of two or
three Israelites:-Hashum.
see HEBREW for 02831

Hashum [EBD]

opulent. (1.) Ezra 2:19; Neh. 7:22. (2.) Stood on Ezra's left hand while he read the law (Neh. 8:4).

Hashum [NAVE]

1. Ancestor of certain Jews who returned from the captivity, Ezra 2:19; 10:33; Neh. 7:22.
2. A priest, Neh. 8:4.
3. A head of a family, Neh. 10:18.


  1. Bene-Hashum, 223 in number, came back from Babylon with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:19; 10:33; Nehemiah 7:22) (B.C. before 536.) The chief man of the family was among these who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 10:18) (B.C. 410.)
  2. One of the priests or Levites who stood on Ezra?s left hand while he read the law to the congregation. (Nehemiah 8:4) (B.C. 410.)


HASHUM - ha'-shum (chashum):

(1) In Ezr 2:19; Neh 7:22, "children of Hashum" are mentioned among the returning exiles. In Ezr 10:33 (compare 1 Esdras 9:33, "Asom"), members of the same family are named among those who married foreign wives.

(2) One of those who stood on Ezra's left at the reading of the law (Neh 8:4; 1 Esdras 9:44, "Lothasubus"). The signer of the covenant (Neh 10:18) is possibly the same.

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